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Before & After

Skylight - The chimney flashing is duck work from inside the house Skylight - The skylight was sweating Skylight - We had a glass company put in new glass Skylight - We flashed the skylight with copper Skylight - The chimney was flashed with copper Valley repairs - The valley did not come up to the ridge Valley repairs - We made valley start at the ridge & go Valley repairs - Valley at the bottom is on the brick & the top was not right Valley repairs - We bring the valley out from the bottom & fixed the top ridge Flashing repair under siding - Flashing is on top of the siding it leaked & it was ugly Flashing repair under siding - To fix it we had to pull off all the soffit & fascia & siding Flashing repair under siding - Putting it back together Flashing repair under siding - Just have to put the fascia back on under the trough Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1 Deck 1